Welcome To MapDala!

MapDala is an original Map, and Design android app that allows users to create beautiful works of art using maps. No art experience is required! MapDala features a map exploring tool with 20 colorful map themes, along with two custom designed creative studios where users can try mirror effects on maps, add filters, borders, frames, and more!

Explore And Create

  • Create symmetrical designs and patterns using maps.

  • Create abstract designs using maps.

  • Create designs of your favorite cities, rivers, landmarks, streets, or your home.

  • Explore the map label free using a variety of different color combinations by changing map themes.

  • Great way to entertain yourself, or when you're just hanging out in a line.

  • Use MapDala to make designs of places that you visit to commemorate them.

  • Print out, frame, and hang your designs anywhere. They make beautiful art pieces!

  • Make custom virtual frames in MapDala. Great for artists who want to check out their artwork in a frame.

  • Exploring the maps label free in MapDala can be therapeutic, and helps with relaxation.

  • Great educational tool. Use MapDala in grade school Geography classes for creative assignments.

It's Easy To Use And Intuitive!

  • When the app is launched, choose Get Canvas and a Google map appears. In MapDala, you have the option to change the colors of the map, and to hide the labels. Doing this turns the map into abstract designs!

  • You can choose the location that you are at on the map and easily take a screenshot. Send that image into the studio and start creating. It's that easy!

  • Inject your own creativity into these patterns by adding mirror effects, shapes, filters, and borders.

  • Save or share your work across social media.

Key Features In MapDala

  • Colorful map themes. Changing the map theme changes the look of the map. Try them all out on the same location to find interesting shapes, and color patterns.

  • Autopilot. Using this feature instantly takes you to a variety of global landmarks, and locations.

  • Predefined shapes. Choose from a number of shapes to sculpt your designs with.

  • Effects. Try out different single or multiple effects on your designs.

  • Borders. Add single or multiple borders with the option to change border width, or color.

  • Labels on or off feature on every map theme.

  • 2D and 3D views.

  • Buildings, and Traffic on or off option.

  • 2 custom designed creative studios that you can use to make adjustments, and arrange multiple layered designs.

  • Options to resize, change opacity, merge, or duplicate your designs.

Design Address: Hillside Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Young Elephant in Landscape

The World Is Your Canvas!